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  • Avoiding pain and disclosure
    Dating two people who have a history together is going to trigger some anxiety within you. Maybe you’re not jealous — you’re just normal.
  • Perfect polyamory
    Dating two people who have a history together is going to trigger some anxiety within you. Maybe you’re not jealous — you’re just normal.
  • Monitoring your partner’s phone
    So my wife and I are working at possibly getting into (swinging, hotwife) life style. A guy reached out to me and wife agreed to give out number for the first time they were chatting and I got ghosted by him and she updated me on what was texted by both parties. Some red flags came up from him and I put a end to it but both continued to chat as platonic and I was not happy because I said stop. 2 weeks age she said she completely ended the chatting but I guess he reach out again and she Monitoring your partner’s phone
  • Dealing with a long visit
    I am in a fairly new relationship, jumping back into polyamory after some time away and a lot of growth and healing. My current partner is wonderful, supportive, and very caring. He has a long term long distance partner in another state whom he has not seen for almost a year. They will be visiting for 16 days next month. Right now, I am dating a few other people, but nothing serious or committed yet. I am finding myself very anxious about this upcoming visit. All the advice that I’ve found relates to what to do when your partner goes on Dealing with a long visit
  • Wanting equity as a secondary
    My sweetheart J and I are long distance, I am married with kids, we have been together 13 years, and are poly. J has a girlfriend of 2.5 years, both previously monogamous.  Him and I were friends and in love, and even actually lovers on and off, for years in early adulthood, went separate ways, and reconnected a year ago. J asked his girlfriend to open their relationship about three months later, and we have been dating since then. She asked him not to text or communicate with me when they are together and he agreed. Initially I was fine Wanting equity as a secondary
  • Choosing polyamory to keep a partner
    My wife of 19 years and girlfriend for almost eight years before that recently admitted to me that she cheated on me a couple months ago with a long-distance friend of hers who she had gone to visit for two weeks and that they are now in love with each other. She told me that she has realized that she is polyamorous and that she had been struggling with the idea of monogamy for a long time, but hadn’t talked to me about it because she was scared to assert herself, as she had a traumatic childhood where her very Choosing polyamory to keep a partner
  • Location trackers in polyamory
    I need some serious help with my relationship as my partner has cheated on me twice. We are both women, we met when we were 17 and we’ve been dating for two years now.  Both of us agreed from the start to be polyamorous, with the boundary that we would always tell each other before we hooked up with someone, or even tell each other when we found someone attractive. This detail is very important. About a year ago my partner drunkenly made out with her best friend, which she admitted was cheating. It was really hard for me to Location trackers in polyamory
  • Accepting your fear
    I’ve been practicing non-monogamy since I first started dating (about 10 years ago), have had one long-term relationship and some shorter ones in that time. I’ve never really struggled emotionally, above what I would call “just feeling things”: moments of jealousy, insecurity, etc. that pass within a day or so, or dissolve when I talk about them and get my needs met. Now for the past year I’ve been in a new relationship which I would objectively describe as the healthiest one I’ve ever had – we’re both communicating really openly, asking for what we need, and being considerate towards Accepting your fear
  • Anchors are not trust
    I am a 28 year old female and I’ve been dating my boyfriend for more than 3 years. When we met, he was about to move to another country in months, but we still started dating and fell in love with each other very quickly and in a very intense way. I was not expecting this at the time, I was enjoying being single and I was dating multiple people and I was already interested in having non-monogamous relationships. So, about 1 month into the relationship he moved away and we kept talking all the time and continued to develop Anchors are not trust
  • Breakup boundaries
    My partner and I started sleeping with a guy 5 months ago, in a threesome arrangement. We did on occasion sleep with him individually as well, but ithe relationship had its start as a open sexual relationship. We eventually discussed poly and eveyone was into the idea and exploring it without putting any labels on it. As time has gone on we have travelled through limmerance and myself and my partner developed strong feelings for him as he did for us. This week after falling out over jealousy and envy the guy has said that he has developed stronger feelings Breakup boundaries