Wanting equity as a secondary

My sweetheart J and I are long distance, I am married with kids, we have been together 13 years, and are poly. J has a girlfriend of 2.5 years, both previously monogamous.  Him and I were friends and in love, and even actually lovers on and off, for years in early adulthood, went separate ways, Wanting equity as a secondary

Breakup boundaries

My partner and I started sleeping with a guy 5 months ago, in a threesome arrangement. We did on occasion sleep with him individually as well, but ithe relationship had its start as a open sexual relationship. We eventually discussed poly and eveyone was into the idea and exploring it without putting any labels on Breakup boundaries

Disliking metamour boundaries

I’m a 31 year old cis mostly straight woman. About two months ago I somewhat broke up with a man who describes himself as polyamorous. We had a great time for about four lovely months, seeing each other one night a week. He was easily the sweetest man I’d dated and we got along like Disliking metamour boundaries

Being a middleman

I am a 32 yo female bisexual who has always leaned more toward women than men. However, I met the man who made me want to have a serious relationship (44 yo male) and grow old with. He also met another female (43 yo female) he was interested in.  I am a free spirit and Being a middleman

Privacy boundaries

I have been in a relationship with a man in an open marriage for 3 years. In the beginning I was told his wife read our texts out of fear of him leaving her. After a year it became clear I had no interest in “stealing” her husband. However, she continues to read our text whenever Privacy boundaries

Left out of a thruple

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We have kids, cars, a home, and careers built together. We’ve been off and on exploring non monogamy in many forms for about 7 of these years. We’ve tried dating together and it didn’t work out for multiple reasons, but the main thing we got Left out of a thruple

Episode 87: Showering Rules

When having strict rules makes you feel controlled, coming to a compromise with a partner who wants a specific thing can seem impossible.