With or without permission

Me and my wife we both know each other from 2015 and in September 2019 we got married. Now she’s in Canada and for her studies and I’m in India waiting for this pandemic to be over so that I’ll be able to be with her. Well the real question is that we are very With or without permission

Episode 11: Long Distance Lament

How do you negotiate more time in a long distance relationship against new relationship energy? That’s what’s on this week’s episode of Non-Monogamy Help. You should also be able to find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and other providers. Or, conversely, use our RSS feed. Thank you to Chris Albery-Jones at albery-jones.com for the theme Episode 11: Long Distance Lament

Incompatibility and polyamory

I have a very unique and complicated relationship that I need help with. I am M, 23, and my partner is F, 25. I read in some of your posts that just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re incompatible. I want to start by listing some of our major differences. I come from a conservative Incompatibility and polyamory